Olympic Park (Sochi)

Build for the 2014 Winter Olympics

The Sochi Olympic Park was built for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games included the following six new venues:

Adler Arena Skating Center (8,000-seats, speed skating, $32 million)
Bolshoy Ice Dome (12,000 seats, ice hockey, $300 million)
Fisht Olympic Stadium (40,000 seats, opening and closing ceremony, $779 million)
Ice Cube Curling Center (3,000 seats, curling, $14 million)
Iceberg Skating Palace (12,000 seats, figure skating and short track speed skating, $44 million)
Shayba Arena (7,000 seats, ice hockey, $35 million)

After the Olympic Games, the Olympic Stadium was extensively rebuilt for $46 million to meet the regulations for the six games of the FIFA World Cup 2018 taking place there. Among other things, the roof was torn off.

Since Sochi did not have a professional football team, in order to use the stadium, the second team was transferred from St. Petersburg to Sochi in 2018 and renamed PFC Sochi. The current first division club has an average attendance of around 4,000. After being converted into a football stadium, the Olympic Stadium has 47,600 seats.

After the Olympic games, the Sochi Autodrome was also built, a Formula 1 racetrack. This was used annually from 2014 to 2021.

The future use of the other Olympic facilities is unclear at this time.