Arena Panatal (Cuiabá)

Built for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Arena Pantanal (opened 2014), Cuiabá, Brazil

The arena was built for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, four group matches were held in the arena. The construction cost was US$ 293 million.

When the Arena Panatal opened two months before the start of the World Cup, only half of the seats were installed. The stadium is little used as there is no national premiership club in the entire state of Mato Grosso. Matches hosted there for the 2015 Mato Grosso State Championship drew 12,318 spectators, averaging 879 over 13 games.
When it rains there are problems with water ingress. Although it was known that there are frequent downpours in Cuiaba during the rainy season, this was not taken into account in the project.